E-Plus Stationery, Inc.

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About Us

E-Plus Stationery, Inc. – The Preferred Business Partner for Office Supplies

    There are specific things that you should look for when deciding on a reliable stationery supplier. On top of your list should be a company that provides high-quality, all original and a complete line of office, school and computer supplies that are readily available within 24 to 48 hours from placing the order. Then, you must look for a business partner with a credible and dependable logistical support. Finally, it is a big advantage if your supplier also happens to be the preferred stationery provider of the top 1,000 corporations and top business conglomerates in the country because then you can be assured of its reliability.

    Because E-Plus Stationery possesses all these value-added capabilities and more, it is definitely the business partner you are looking for to cater to all your stationery needs.

    Established in 1986, E-Plus Stationery has been supplying clients with a wide range of high-quality original products at reasonable prices. These include, but are not limited to, all kinds of office, school and computer supplies such as papers, pens, small office machines, original HP, Canon, Epson inks, toners, ribbons, DVD’s, CD’s, continuous forms, packaging tapes and other general merchandise.

    In its 30 years of experience as a stationery provider, E-Plus invested heavily in advanced yet practical technology for ordering and delivery of their products. The owners and managers of E-Plus know from experience that in this highly competitive business of distributorship, to be a cut above the rest, requires investments in a business model that allows one to offer competitive pricing, fast and reliable service and advanced e-commerce transactions that continuously evolves with the fast-paced developments in global technology.

     With a computerized sales invoicing and accounts receivable system, processing of services has become personalized and tailored-fit to benefit the end users. Business is conducted online through personal emails which makes computerized ordering possible and eliminates all unnecessary delays in services and deliveries. Thus, E-Plus’ ability to adapt to diverse procurement systems places the company as one of the top stationery providers in the country.

      Moreover, E-Plus’ capability and reliability allows the company to build good relationships with their clientele, resulting to repeat business through the years, consistently renewed contracts with some of the top 1,000 corporations in the country and endorsements to the sister companies of the conglomerates who have long ago decided that E-Plus is the business partner they need.

     With a roster of clients that belongs to the list of who’s who in Philippine business, E-Plus is definitely enjoying the trust and esteem of the some of the biggest local and multinational companies in the Philippines, making it the all-time preferred stationery provider in the country.

    Going forward, the specific objective of E-Plus is to convince those who are looking for a stationery supplier to try E-Plus’ reliable service which makes it the top choice of some of the big names in Philippine business and to make them pick E-Plus as their preferred stationery provider too.