E-Plus Stationery, Inc.

Paper One

     E-Plus Stationery, Inc. is one of the pioneers in distributorship of Paper One copy papers when it first entered the market in the Philippines back in 1998. Since then, PaperOne™ has grown to be the preferred paper of choice for many users due to its many features that makes it the perfect partner for the latest home, office or commercial digital printing equipment.

    PaperOneTM is a range of premium quality home and office paper made from 100% renewable fibre and designed for the most demanding printing and copying tasks. When you buy a PaperOneTM product enhanced with ProDigiTM Nanotechnology, what you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures ink stays on the paper surface. This technology allows PaperOneTM to show more vibrant color, denser blacks, and crisp lines, and saves up to 18% of ink use as compared to other uncoated paper. Thus, it brings clear improvements over regular printing paper, whether you are producing a presentation to share with potential clients, or a research report for school.

    PaperOneTM products are also PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification); meaning that as a consumer of our products, you can be assured that our paper comes from legal, traceable and environmentally sustainable sources.

    PaperOneTM products are available in short, A4, folio and A3 sizes. It also comes in 70 gsm, 80 gsm and 100 gsm.